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4 Steps To Summer Goals!

The summer is here! Days are long, weather is nice, and inspiration is in the air. This summer I have some goals for creating new content for my business. This season inspires me to create and I hope it does the same for you!

I have a 4-step plan that I am using this summer to reach my goals.

Step 1- Set the goals. Do not just keep them in your head! Take time to think through what you want to accomplish and when want them to be completed. The best goals are ones that are planned out. Ideas and goals that stay in your head never become a reality.

Step 2- Create a daily calendar with milestones and progress markers. Even though you may have a deadline set, if you do not set out with specific milestones you will not reach your goal and maximize the time you have to do so. A goal calendar will allow you to wake up each day knowing what must be done and go to sleep each night confident that you are making progress. As you check off items each day you will be encouraged and excited to keep on going.

Step 3- Get an accountability partner or group. Having someone or a team of people that are checking in with you and on your progress is essential. Life can get busy and we are great at rationalizing why other things take priority over the goals we set. When you have a group that knows your goals and your milestones, they can celebrate your successes and also nudge you when you get off track.

Step 4- DO IT!!! Once your plan is complete and team in place you must get it done. Do not accept excuses from yourself! You have the ability to make it happen. So, MAKE IT HAPPEN! At the end of the summer you want to look back at what you have accomplished and smile that you did it!!!

Let me know your goals for the summer. I want to share with you and celebrate your journey. If you like to connect with a group of others who are all pushing toward summer goals of creativity and creation sign up below to receive more info!

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